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RFC Viewer Version 1.4

Browse and print RFC with ease.

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RFC Viewer is a powerful RFC browsing utility for networking program and protocol developers. It parses the original RFC file, and generates a section directory tree as well as a page index for content browsing. Users can select to view original RFC document, or to hide each page's header and footer. Other features include section titles highlighting, multiple RFC documents viewing concurrently, and colorful RFC document printing.

RFC Viewer is the first full-featured RFC viewing utility and also the only one in the world until now . Previously, when develop a network protocol program, you have to browse the RFC documents for reference with notepad or other common editors through the whole developing period. But a RFC document is organized by a section architecture, and common editors can't recognize and highlight sections. Therefore, it is very hard and inconvenient to read RFC documents. Now, with the emergence of RFC Viewer, things are different. You can easily read and print RFC documents, as well as browse them with section directory. It will accelerate your developing substantially.

Colorful Print & Print preview
  Print the RFC document more easily with enhanced RFC printing engine in version 1.4. Everything printed are as same as what you see in the viewer, colorful and highlighting.
Browse RFC documents with section directory trees
Usually, a RFC document is organized by sections. It is hard to browse content with sections, because an original RFC document is pure text under common text editors. However, in our RFC Viewer, not only the original text content is reserved, but also an easy browsing section directory tree is provided. Then, when you read a RFC file and want to refer to other section, just one click will take you there.
Section highlighting
  The build-in RFC parsing engine recognizes section titles and makes them highlight. It also provides an interface to configure the color and font for each section title.
Hide the original header and footer of RFC documents
  Are you tired of the header and footer of RFC documents? In our RFC viewer, you can select to hide them or make them gray.
  The speed it analyzes and parses a RFC document is so fast that a RFC file can be read in, analyzed, directory generated and ready for browsing within 3 second according to our test.
View multiple documents
Switch between documents using File Selection Tab, the same in the UltraEditor.
Who use it?
Developers of networking programs and network protocols
  Often view RFC documents, but its plain text hard to browse and navigate? RFC Viewer is an ideal utility for you.
Network researchers
  Get the software at a discount of 35% off for one non-commercial license.
Any RFC reader or even editor
  It brings you ease and convenience.
How to start?
  First, find a RFC document on Internet and save on your disk as a text file(.txt). In addition, we have enclosed a rfc document, sample_rfc2616.txt, in the installed directory. Then open the document with RFC Viewer. Browse...
Where can I find RFC documents?
  Search with the keyword "RFC" in, and you will find many sites providing RFC documents. You can even search with RFC number or content keywords within some sites.
Can RFC Viewer support all RFC documents?
  Although we had not tested RFC Viewer with all RFC documents yet, we tested many of them, even the most complicated one RFC2616. However, RFC documents are not written in a 100% same format. Therefore, if you find some RFC document is not supported well by our RFC Viewer, please don't hesitate tell us through .
Nov 11, 2002
RFC Viewer version 1.4 released.
Nov 1, 2002
RFC Viewer version 1.3 released.
Sep 8, 2002
RFC Viewer version 1.2 released. Help and Flash tutorial added.
Sep 5, 2002
RFC Viewer version 1.1 released. Forward and backward buttons added.
Sep 1, 2002
RFC Viewer version 1.0 released.