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Packet Sniffer
Connection-oriented TCP/IP packet sniffer.
EffeTech HTTP Sniffer
Capture and analyze HTTP traffic and rebuild the HTTP files.
Ace Password Sniffer
Capture usernames and passwords sent through http, ftp, smtp, pop3, telnet.
MSN Sniffer
Simple MSN chat monitor solution for your network.
MSN Sniffer Lite
Monitor MSN messenger conversations on LAN.
AIM Sniffer
Monitor AIM conversations on LAN.
ICQ Sniffer
Monitor ICQ conversations on LAN.
Download Network Sniffer
You can download the full-featured evaluation version of our network sniffer programs and try for free before order. To download the software, click on a link below. During the course of downloading, please check out how to monitor network in switched environment with our network sniffer.
MSN Sniffer 2.1 (1.32 MB, Jan 22, 2008) update
EtherDetect Packet Sniffer v1.4 (1.2 MB, Jan 17, 2008) update
EffeTech HTTP Sniffer v4.1 (2.1 MB, Jan 30, 2008) update
Ace Password Sniffer v1.4 (0.9 MB, Feb 2, 2008)
AIM Sniffer v1.5 (0.97 MB, Feb 2, 2008)
MSN Sniffer Lite v1.21 (0.83 MB, Sep 3, 2006)
ICQ Sniffer v1.2 (0.91 MB, Sep 3, 2006)
EtherBoss MSN Monitor v1.2 (0.99 MB, Feb 3, 2008) update
RFC Viewer v1.4 (0.8 MB, Nov 11, 2002)
YouTube Robot (12 MB, Oct 12, 2009)
System Requirements

Processor: Intel Pentium 133 MHz or above
Memory: 32 MB (64 MB recommended)
Free Drive Space: 2 MB for installing software
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, windows 2000, Windows 95/98 or Windows NT Workstation 4.0 or NT Server 4.0
Display: VGA color monitor 800x600 or above
Pointing Device: Mouse or similar pointing device
Network Adapter: Network Adapter card configured with an IP address and connected to the network, Modem or ISDN NT+TA.

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Monitor LAN, not only local PC
Our sniffer programs are used to monitor network traffic from other computers on the same LAN. However, if your network is connected with switch, you may need to configure your switch and enable monitoring features.

- Configure switch
- Can't config (Q4)